We battled a raging bushfire of 2.5 million acres and saved our home. Risky? Yes. Dangerous? Well... more people die trying to escape at the last minute.

  I am no expert. I do not profess to be anything but a person with an experience to share. I offer a personal opinion about a concept; Shelter-In-Place, sharing with interested folks how and why we made the choice to stay and fight for our home.

  Did we take a risk? You bet we did. But we had prepared as best as possible (see CFA preparation handbook) and felt comfortable with that risk. Anyone deciding to stay and fight a fire, or thinking anything contained in this website is failsafe or foolproof should recognize that I am just offering a bit more information for you to chew on in making your own decisions for yourself.

  Fires are deadly. If you cannot envision yourself surrounded by flames, trying to see and breathe in thick, choking smoke, or running around like a maniac pulling hoses, tossing burning objects away from your home–and being calm during all of that and more, you have  no business considering it.

 Things can change unexpectedly, from one instant to the next. Any choices or actions you take are ultimately your responsibility. Going from "hero to zero" is easy, but preparation and planning take time, money, and energy!

  If after seeing and reading about our experiences in the 2003 Victorian Alps fires, you think you and/or your community could benefit from a personal presentation about how we prepared, both physically and mentally, please contact me.

Contact: Jeffe Aronson