Backburns, phone trees, firefighters, the fire front...

*Should you rely on the "authorities" to be there?

*What is a "phone tree"?

*What about portable fire pumps, household pressure?

*Backburns...scary! Do they work? Who can start one?

*When should we make the final decision to stay or go?

*What happens when it hits? What about afterwards?

*What tools should I have handy?

*How should I prepare my property? My Home? Myself and my family... BEFORE it's too late?

These and other topics of discussion can be discussed at a presentation.

Read the story.

Link to the Victorian Country Fire Authority (Australia).

(Good information, downloadable booklets.)

Download CFA Bushfire Booklet. (Great stuff!)

Link to Firewise, a great U.S. based forest fire info. resource.

Contact Jeffe to arrange for a thought-provoking presentation.

Another link to a slideshow from Tasmania...

Link to the Fire Safe Council.

Link to the Bushfire Cooperative Research Center

Link to the Stay And Defend In America website.

Contact: effe Aronson